Get your John Deere 40 Series Tractor Ready for Spring with LED Lights and Cab Interior from Hy-Cap

Updated: Apr 6

John Deere's 30 & 40 Series tractors are getting older, but there is a reason they have been a mainstay on many farms since the Eighties. The horsepower range is perfect, not too little yet not too big. They make great smaller planting tractors, are used for pulling wagons, and are also good for mowing ditches and moving snow.

Jerry from JKB Application loves having his John Deere 4640 tractor around. "They are so versatile, you can hook up to anything," he said. If you have one of these tractors, chances are you enjoy it just as much as Jerry. So, why not get the most out of it? With some simple updates, you can get these tractors ready to use just in time for spring!

We teamed up with Jerry to install Hy-Capacity LED lights everywhere we could on his John Deere 4640 tractor. In total, there are 17 lights on the machine!

In addition to the 17 LED lights, Jerry's tractor was also fitted with various Cab Interior products that can fit 30 & 40 Series tractors. These Cab Interior products, along with our ISO Hydraulic Couplers, were installed to make this 40+-year-old tractor more modernized to today's standards.

LED Lights:

Here's the view of the lights on the front:

Here's the view of the lights from the back:

Here's what you'll need:

(4) 8302246 CREE LED Cab Roof Amber Warning Light

(2) 8302161 CREE LED PAR36 Hi-Lo Beam Front Fender Bulb (Outer Position)

(2) HR19077 CREE LED Rear Cab Roof Flood Beam Light

(2) HR19079 CREE LED Rear Fender Flood Beam Light

(2) HR78825 CREE LED Rear Fender Red Warning Light

Choice of Front Fender Lights (Inner Position):

(2) 8302074 CREE LED PAR36 Trapezoid Beam Bulb

(2) 8302143 CREE LED PAR36 Flood Beam Bulb

(2) 8302205 CREE LED PAR36 Trapezoid Beam Bulb w/ Original Halogen Style Lens

Jerry wanted to add as much light as he could to his tractor, so he got creative by adding LEDs in areas his tractor didn't typically have lights.

"On the front of the tractor, we added a couple of Spot Beam lights (8301645), which is not applicated to this model. It's hard to get light in front of you. You never have enough light or HP!" - Jerry, JKB Application

As you can see, these lights can be attached near the grill of the tractor to add some extra light. This is a great option if this is a tractor you are using on a consistent basis.

"A Flood Beam light (8301654) was added to the rear cab roof. This helps when hitching up equipment and moving snow." - Jerry, JKB Application

Optional Lights:

(1) 8301654 CREE LED Flood Beam Light (used on Front Grille as shown)

(2) 8301645 CREE LED Spot Beam Light (used on Rear Cab Roof as shown)

Cab Interior:

Here's a comprehensive list of items of Cab Interior to consider upgrading in your 30 & 40 Series John Deere.

To find what Cab products you need specifically, visit the "Cab" page of our website and "Narrow Your Results" by Make, Model, and Type. This will give you a full list of what will fit your machine!


CR30H Headliner, Black Vinyl w/ Formed Plastic

CR30H-50 Headliner, Brindle Brown Vinyl w/ Formed Plastic

CR30H-55 Headliner, Sailcloth Tan Vinyl w/ Formed Plastic

CR40H Main Headliner, Black Vinyl w/ Formed Plastic

Post Kits:

CR40P Post Kit, Black

CR50P Post Kit, Brindle Brown

CR55PO Post Kit, Sailcloth Tan


SR71200 Cushion Set, Dark Brown Fabric, Personal Posture w/ Mechanical Suspension

SR82200 Cushion Set, Dark Brown Fabric, Personal Posture w/ Hydraulic Suspension

SR82200KB Cushion Set, Kayak Brown Fabric, Personal Posture w/ Hydraulic Suspension

Cowl Covers:

CR30CC Cowl Cover, Black

CR50CC Cowl Cover, Brindle Brown

CR55CC Cowl Cover, Multi-Brown

Cowl Kits:

CR30CK Cowl Kit, Black Vinyl w/ Formed Plastic

CR50CK Cowl Kit, Brindle Brown Vinyl w/ Formed Plastic

CR55CK Cowl Kit, Multi-Brown Vinyl w/ Formed Plastic

Cab Kits:

CR40E Cab Kit, Black Vinyl, Early S/N

CR40EEZ EZ Cab Kit, Black Vinyl w/ Formed Plastic, Early S/N

CR40E-50 Cab Kit, Brindle Brown Vinyl, Early S/N

CR40E-55 Cab Kit, Multi-Brown Vinyl, Early S/N

CR40L Cab Kit, Black Vinyl, Late S/N

CR40LEZ EZ Cab Kit, Black Vinyl w/ Formed Plastic, Late S/N

CR40L-50 Cab Kit, Brindle Brown Vinyl, Late S/N

CR40L-55 Cab Kit, Multi-Brown Vinyl, Late S/N

Kick Panel Sets:

CR40KPS Kick Panel Set, Black Plastic

CR55KPS Kick Panel Set, Brown Plastic

Floor Mat:

CR30FM Textured Rubber Floor Mat Overlay

Hy-Capacity also offers some other Cab Interior items that help improve the look and function of your tractor cab:

S8301687 Step Kit

HCAR74143 Sound-Gard Cab Roof

HCR50758 Rear Window Glass

SR8301678 Side Kick Seat

ISO Hydraulic Couplers:

Before planting begins, make sure all of your older equipment meets ISO standards. Our Genuine OE Hydraulic Couplers are easy to install, eliminate compatibility issues, and will increase the value of your machine.

Last spring, Jerry installed new Quick Connect Hydraulic Couplers on his 4640. “This is an upgrade you have to do to be efficient. People aren’t using the older style tips that OE had on the tractor now that implements and pulling equipment have been switched over to ISO Couplers.”


HR206778 KIT - Hydraulic Coupler Conversion Kit, Female & Male

Thanks for reading!

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