Keep Your UTV Running for Every Season

You need to keep your UTV running and here’s why.

Having a UTV on the farm is essential to get countless chores done. UTVs can be used for things like checking fences, planting trees, yard work, plowing snow in the winter, spraying weeds, and towing almost anything you need. If you’re a hard-working farmer, chances are you have one of these multifunctional vehicles.

It can be one of the most valuable tools on your farm.

But what happens when your UTV breaks down? A headache, that’s for sure. It’s important to have your UTV working at its highest capacity so that you can save time and money from surprise damage. That’s why preventative maintenance is so critical.

Your UTV always has its work boots on. Wear and tear are bound to happen. Don’t let the maintenance on this key element to your farm to fall behind and cause delays in your productivity.

When doing your preventative maintenance checks, one part to focus on is your alternator. UTVs, like tractors, can experience damage caused by particles kicked up from the soil when doing those dirty jobs like maintaining trees and clearing brush. Alternators are particularly sensitive to this type of damage.

Alternators that we’d recommend:

Alternator - New, 12V, 75A, Aftermarket John Deere (HR11733)

  • Fits John Deere XUV Utility Vehicles

Alternator - New, 12V, 60A, Aftermarket Nippondenso (R72917)

  • Fits John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles

Alternator - New, 12V, 75A, Aftermarket Nippondenso (K7711-61902)

  • Fits Kubota RTV1100 Utility Vehicles

Alternator - New, 12V, 55A, Aftermarket Nippondenso (K7561-61910)

  • Fits Kubota RTV900 Utility Vehicles

It is also crucial to be using fresh oil in your UTV. Avoiding this preventative maintenance step can lead to a faulty engine, so it’s important to check this on a routine basis. We recommend that you change your engine oil after 40 hours of use or around once a month.

Engine Oil we’d recommend:

Lucas Semi-Synthetic SAE 10W-40 ATV Oil (LU10720)

  • 1 qt. Bottle (Case of 6)

Air Filters can get dirty and dried out over time. Air Filters are crucial in keeping dirt and debris from putting a strain on your machine. The dirtier the work you do, the more often you will have to change your Air Filter. Remember to check your Air Filter regularly to see if it needs replacing.

Air Filters we’d recommend:

Baldwin Outer Air Filter, Primary, RadialSeal (BRS3704)

  • Fits Bobcat 2200 & 2300

Donaldson Air Filter, Safety, RadialSeal (P822858)

  • Fits Kubota RTV900 & RTV1100 Utility Vehicles

Another key element to a UTV is the comfort provided by the seat you are using! Hy-Capacity offers several seat options, including bench-style and bucket-style seats. Don’t let uncomfortable seats keep you from getting work done. Upgrade and get some relief with a Hy-Cap seat!

Seats we’d recommend:

2-piece Cushion Set, Black Vinyl (SKW530660274MA)

Bucket Seat, Yellow Vinyl (S8301326)

  • Fits John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles

2-piece Cushion Set, Gray Vinyl (SK7561-56001)

  • Fits Kubota RTV900 Utility Vehicles

  • Also available in Camouflage Vinyl (SK7561-56001C)

2-piece Bench Style Cushion Set, Black Vinyl (S103629101CSB)

  • Fits Bobcat 2200 & 2200S Utility Vehicles

We have parts for your favorite UTV brands. Shop now!

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