Magnum Lights - HA91974 KIT

Updated: Mar 15, 2019


Hi-Lo Beam LED Headlamp Kit - 7800 Lumens


  • Studs in the bracket for easy one person installation

  • Larger cooling fins to dissipate heat

  • CREE XTE LEDs, LH & RH Flood Beam Corner Lamps

  • Body Material: Die Cast Aluminum

  • Lens: Poly-carbonate

  • Lumens: 7800 per Lamp

  • Waterproof Rating IP69K

  • 75 Watt Front, 30 Watt Side

  • 9-32 Volt DC

  • 8.4 Amps @ 12V, 4.2 Amps @ 24V

  • 50,000 Hrs of Lifetime

For more information on our HA91974 Kit, please visit our website!

For individual lamps use HA91971 (LH) or HA91972 (RH)

This kit has a simple install. Just unscrew the bolts securing the existing lights and unplug the cord to remove the lights. Install the lights the same way by screwing in the bolts and plugging in the cord.

While the old lights will have a yellowed filmy look, these LED lights will be bright and clear. With 50,000 hours of life, the HA91974 KIT will never leave you in the dark.

Thank you to Humboldt Red Power for making this video possible!

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